You could say that history and fate of this famous and ancient noble family, the family Kulenovic closely linked to the fate of the country Bosnia and Herzegovina since its founding, until now. Which means the time from the Bosnian independence in the 12th century, over the Bosnian kingdom, the Ottoman conquest, occupation of Austria-Hungary, the proclamation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the Second World War and the communist period in SFRJ (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)

In all these times, only except the monarchist period Karadordevic and part during the Communist regime Kulenovic had a significant place and role of Bosnian society. What the descendants of Hidajet Pasha Kulin previously reached, as successful rulers, nobles, leaders of armies, politicians and diplomats reached and confirmed today as the eminent writers, poets, artists, journalists and scientists.

The origin of this famous and old Bosnian nobility family Kulenovic according to available documents and texts by some researchers, is related to the founder of the first Bosnian state Kulin Ban. (1163-1204)

Kulenovic’s dynasty was a medieval Bosnien ruling family from the second half of the 12th. Century to the first half of the 13th century.
But the Kulenovic’s believe that the time is too far away and belongs more to the mythology and the origin of their family stronger ties with Micaela Culina who was the brother of the doge of Venice after capture by the Turks 1447th by accepting Islam, whereupon his former Turkish sultan gives the title of Pasha and large possessions in the borders of the Ottoman Empire and Venice.

Here is what writes about the Bosnian earthly government documents, printed 1884th in Sarajevo .


According to the Konstantin hörman, an advisor to the earthly government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as published in  "National Songs of Mohammedans" - second book, pages 603 to 607, ...

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HAVALA - Fortress and the cemetery of Kulenovic beys ... more
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Land holding elite - page . 398 -409... more
In this section, you can find Kulenovic family tree, in a same manner as it was passed down to me. If you encounter an error or ommission, please let me know, and I'll be pleased to make neccessary corrections. Thanks ! The Kulenovic Family tree

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