Museum LDV consists of a large number of artworks, a part of which, several hundreds, are currently exhibited in the museum. Most of these have not been shown in any public way since more than one hundred years ago, when, over centuries, these decorated the various castles and estates of the family. 

Initially, the process of documentation focused on a few artworks, mainly kept privately and referred to as Museum Lionardo da Vinci Ideale. As the number of exhibited artworks now is hugely expanded, the more appropriate name was Museum LDV. 

The custodian of the museum has done an admirable work of documenting specific artworks. However, still, the process of documentation is in a initial stage considering the number of artworks to be documented. Dr. Kim Veltman, engaged as scientific adviser to the museum, estimates that there is a need for six to eight scholars, highly specialized on specific cultures and schools of art, working for a few years, in order to advance this process towards its overall completion. Thus, all scholarly opinions and comments on specific art items are highly welcomed. 

The approach taken by the Custodian of the museum is to take a step-by-step approach both with regard to exhibiting artworks in the museum and including these on the present web site; and also, as it concerns the development over time of said web site.  

Museum LDV is a bonded estate, to be transferred strictly intact from generation to generation. Since the museum is a wholly private establishment, it is totally financed out of private means, which, again, necessitates a step-by-step approach towards expanding the exhibition and advancing the process of documentation. 

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Museum LDV

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