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My essay about Lionardo da Vinci

In 1997a Museum Lionardo da Vinci Ideale was opened in Karlskrona Sweden with aim and direction to give possibility to university graduates as well as ordinary people to make a study of the works and arts made by Lionardo da Vinci. We give lectures ...  more
My essay about Mona Lisa

A typical example of Lionardo's style of painting is the Mona Lisa with its perspective and "turnings". We are going to illustrate Lionardo's diverse painting style. This style is something that we today regard as a science, as opposed to that of many of his peers ... more
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My essay about Last Supper

This is a painting wich has become very damaged during the centuries but all the same it is fascinating to study. You can discover so much to penetrate and do research about. For instance the hand wich is holding a knife, between the third and the fourth ... more
My essay about Nativity

It  is an established fact –  based on very extensive research process, seriously initiated in the 1880’s, and hundreds of books and dissertations – that Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) only produced a very few paintings during his lifetime (1452-1519). Despite this, quite... more
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The third dimension

This photograph (negative) of Leonardos picture "Nativiti" shows that Leonardo succeed to paint in three dimensions . Only a photo camera can in that way capture ... more

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