About Me

My name is Rizah  Kulenovic.
I am born in Bosnia  and I am a member of  International Art and WHO´S WHO International. I have made   art-studies in Firenza and all over  the world. For all my life I  have been doing research about  art and then espessially the  Renaissance,   Lionardo da Vinci  and all Fine Art.

You can read my essay about human movement and turing of the limbs in the paintings of
Lionardo da Vinci and my essay about Mona-Lisa

My intention for the future is to publish a book about
" Reverse Painting on Glass "

Reverse painting on glass is my speciality. I prefer motives from the wonderful underwater-world in the Indian Ocean which is my favorite place. (The struggle for a clean and untoxic world and then especially the underwater world, is most important to me).

In the next pages you can study some of my reverse paintings on glass.

Some of the glasspaintings in this exhibition is fore sale (most of them are sold). If you are interested to buy any of my products, you can
mail me. I will then sen you a prospectus with pictures, sizes and prices of all my works which is fore sale.

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