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Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci for “Battle of Angiari “  

Silver plate  
“Angiari batlle”  
15th. Century

Today, we all know, and we view it from various books and records that Leonardo da Vinci, while preparing to work, called "Battle of Angiari" which was supposed to perform on the outer wall of the Sala del Gran Consiglio in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.  
It was supposed to be a fresco on a large scale, larger than the Last Supper. But its implementation has never occurred. There are a number of drawings, sketches and studies with the theme "Angiari Battle" that Leonardo da Vinci created.  
Why did Leonardo da Vinci never complete this work? It can be understood by reading the document known as the Codex Madrid (Codex Madrid II, folio 2 recto); where he describes his first brush stroke on the wall:  
"Friday the 6th June 1505, at the Battle of the thirteenth hour, I started painting in the palace. Just as I lowered the brush, the storm broke out and the bell began to toll, calling men to their jobs. The sketch was torn apart, the rain poured down and the vessel with the inburna water broke. Suddenly, the weather deteriorated even more, it rained heavily till the evening and the day became dark as night ". . . . . . . . .  
These drawings, its dynamism and strength were an inspiration for other artists to copy and try to reconstruct the composition of Leonardo (P. Rubens, Pitti. G. Vasari). There is also a brooch belonging to the Medici family, with details about "Angiari battle" but nothing more then that. On the other hand we can see there is still a silver platter from the Renaissance in the collection of family Kulenovic that really shows the details on Leonardo imaginative composition - "Angiari Battle".