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KULENOVIC  C o l l e c t i o n - Painting

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Ivan Agueli
Sweden  (1869 -1917)
“ Street ”
Oil on canvas

Ivan Aguéli  (May 24, 1869 - October 1, 1917)
also named Sheikh 'Abd al-Hadi Aqhili upon his acceptance of Islam,
was a Swedish -born wandering Sufi painter and author.
As a devotee of Ibn Arabi, his metaphysics applied to the study of Islamic
esoterism and its similarities with other esoteric traditions of the world.
He was the initiator of Rene Guenon into Sufism and founder of the
Parisian Al Akbariya society. His art was a unique form of miniature
Post- Impressionism where he used the blend of colours to create a sense
of depth and distance. His unique style of art made him one of the
founders of the Swedish contemporary art movement.