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Frederick Stuart Church 
American artist 
"The Wanderer's Return"1887 

This beautiful etching is entitled "The Wanderer's Return". 
It was drawn and sketched by Frederick S. Church. 
It is one of 10 etchings that were featured in Frederick A. Stoke's 1887 Edition of "Representative Etchings by Artists of To-day In America". There were only 500 cloth bound copies made and I own #360. 
I will be separating the book and listing each of the 10 Etchings, individually . 
This etching & border measures 8 x 12" with the actual etching measuring 6 3/4 x 10 1/2". It is signed and dated in the plate. 
His works are displayed at- 
Smithsonian American Art Museum 
Carnegie Museum Of Art 
Harvard Art Museum 
National gallery Of Art, Washington 
and the Fine Arts Museum of San Fransisco has this very etching on display
Frederick Stuart Church (1842-1924) was an American artist, working mainly as an illustrator and especially known for his (often allegorical) depiction of animals. He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His father was an important figure in politics as well as a well-known lawyer. At the age of 13 he left school and took a job at the then newly-established American Express Company in Chicago, with his parents intending him to have a business career. Being nineteen at the outbreak of the Civil War he served in the Union Army. After his discharge he returned to Chicago, having decided to devote his life to art, and started studying drawing under Walter Shirlaw at the city's Academy of Design.