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Jean Clouet 
French painter (1485 - 1541 ) 
"Queen av Navara  


Jean (or Janet) Clouet (1480 - 1541) was a miniaturist and painter who worked in France during the Renaissance. He was the father of François Clouet. Clouet was allegedly born in Brussels. The authentic presence of this artist at the French court is first mentioned in 1516, the second year of the reign of Francis I. By a deed of gift made by the king to the artist's son of his father's estate, which had escheated to the crown, we learn that he was not actually a Frenchman, and never naturalized. He is supposed to have been a native of the Low Countries, and probably his real name was Clowet. He lived several years in Tours, and there it was he met his wife, who was the daughter of a jeweller.

He is recorded as living in Tours in 1522, and there is a reference to his wife's residence in the same town in 1523. In that year Clouet was awarded the position of Groom of the Chamber by the King, with a stipend at first of 180 livres and later of 240. He and his wife were certainly living in Paris in 1529, probably in the neighborhood of the parish of Ste Innoceth, in the cemetery of whicn they were buried. He stood godfather at a christening on July 8, 1540, but was no longer living in December 1541.