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Philip Wilson Steer 
English (1860 - 1942 ) 
“ Landscape “ 
Oil on canvas

Philip Wilson Steer
(28 Dec 1860 - 18 March 1942) was an
English artist. Philip Wilson Steer was born in
Birkenhead, the son of the portrait painter
Philip Steer (1810-1871). After finding the
examinations of the Civil Service too demanding,
he became an artist in 1878. He studied at the
Gloucester School of Art and then from
1880 to 1881 at the South kensington
Drawing Schoolls. He was rejected by the
Royal Academy of Art and so studied in
Paris between 1882 and 1884. He studied at the
Académie Julian, and then in the Ecole des beaux
Arts under Cabanel. There he became one of the
few English Impressionists. He is known for his
landscapes, such as 'The Beach at Walberswick'
(1890; Tate Gallery, London). He became a leader
(with Walter Sickert) of the English Impressionist
movement and was one of the founders of the
New English Art Club in 1886.