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Georges Braque 
French ( 1882 - 1963 ) 
“Still life"
1926 . 
Oil on canvas

Georges Braque
(13 May 1882 - 31 August 1963)
was a major 20th century French painter and
sculptor who, along with Pablo Picasso,
developed the art movement known as Cubism.
Georges Braque was born in Argenteuil,
Val-d'Oise. He grew up in Le Havre and
trained to be a house painter and decorator, as
were his father and grandfather.
However, he also studied painting in the
evenings at the Ecole des beaux-Arts, in
Le Havre, from about 1897 to 1899.
He apprenticed in Paris under a decorator
and was awarded his certificate
in 1902. The following year, he attended the
Academia Humbert, also in Paris, and painted
there until 1904. It was here that he met
Marie Laurencin and Francis Picabia.