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Bartolomeo Pinelli  
Italian (1781 -1835 ) 
"Istoria Romana",
1818-1819, ( incisione all'acquaforte) 




Bartolomeo Pinelli (Rome, 20 Nov 1781; d Rome, 1 April 1835). Italian printmaker, painter, sculptor and draughtsman.
He learnt the rudiments of sculpture from his father, a maker of cheap religious statuettes. This early training encouraged
Pinelli to emphasize plasticity and expression over the Neo-classical values prevalent in Rome. Only a few of his
terracotta figures survive (e.g. Man Playing Morra, Rome, Pal. Venezia); however, he did produce a volume of etchings,
Gruppi pittoreschi (Rome, 1834), depicting rustic groups. Its emphasis on naturalism and everyday subject-matter is
also characteristic of his sculptures. Although he studied both at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome and at the
Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, helped financially by Conte Lambertini, Pope Benedict XIV's nephew,
Pinelli was not interested in pursuing the traditional path to artistic success via religious or history painting.