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Claude Lorrain 
French ( 1600 - 1682 ) 
“ Sunrise ” 
Oil on canvas

Claude Lorrain
(Lorraine, c. 1600 - Rome 21 or 23 November 1682)
was an artist of the Baroque era who was active in Italy,
and is admired for his achievements in landscape painting
Claude was a landscape artist. It is important to note
that landscape was not yet a subject in its own right
in Italy for finished paintings There was no market for
paintings whose subjects were merely landscapes.
The overwhelming majority of Claude's
paintings were seaport scenes or pastoral landscapes
that contain either Biblical or mythic narratives. But it is
landscape that is the true subject. These stories merely
provided an excuse for Claude to explore landscape
subjects Throughout his long career Claude never
attempted any other theme but that of landscape.
Within the landscape genre he focused
most on light and how light and how light effects the
forms in a landscape.